#TipsWithDani - The "Special Spot" for Safety!

For any parent with more than just one child, you could agree that it can be quite the challenge loading the kids into the car - especially when it is just you! For that, my husband and I have come up with a life hack to help others with this situation.

So, “the special spot” is place we designated to our 3 year old son Phin, while I strap in our 1 year old Luke. What we do is we open Luke’s door all the way and Phin will go stand close to where the door hinges are on the car (The special spot). I will then stand behind him and strap in Luke, preventing Phin from being able to stray away into danger.

here are a few methods that I have seen other parents use when it comes to this, such as having their child place their hand on a the gas tank circle. This raises a couple concerns for me because 1. They can walk away and 2. They can still be hit, whereas our “special spot” doesn't allow them to wander around and if we were to get hit, it is me who getting hit first.

We'd love to know what you do to load/unload multiple kids by yourself? Leave a comment down below!

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