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" I just want to say that if these were sold in Babies R Us, they would be constantly sold out. The colors and labels make it sleep deprived mom and daddy proof, they feel like such good quality, they really do fit in any diaper bag yet hold a lot, I can seriously go on and on about why I love these and our baby girl isn't even here yet. I have been stocking her diaper bag for her big arrival and I am in and out of it adding and taking things out and every time I do it irritates me how messy it is. I just know they are going to be a life saver!!" - Emily T. of South Carolina

"Easy Baby is just that: it makes life easier with a baby. As a first time mom, I struggled with preparing to leave my house and having all the essentials for our baby. Outings were overwhelming because it took so much time to get ready to get out the door. With the Easy Baby organization system, I always have everything I need and can get to it quickly. It's functional and adorable." - Rosanna R. of Greenwich, CT


"Been using your Easy Baby inserts! SO helpful!!!! They are really handy. Everyone thinks it is genius. I was able to leave my bag at Kidville and just take the feed me tote into the gym with me instead of the entire diaper bag! " - Emily M. of Brooklyn, NY

"I am so happy with the easy baby packs - I was pleasantly surprised that they even smelled like Dreft! Such a great smell that I haven't had in years! These fit perfectly in my existing diaper bag and keep all our son's stuff super organized. My sister-in-law is going to be just as excited about this for her new arrival. We are both organized women and this is probably the best way for diaper bags to stay organized with baby. ;) " - Nicole W. of the Tri-State Area

"I just have to tell you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE your product.  I despise traditional diaper bags and until I found your product I was using plastic zip top bags to keep baby things organized in a regular tote.Your product has helped keep my bag (and me) so much more organized.  The little totes hold just enough and are so adorable!  I especially love the when I need to feed or change my baby I can grab just the little bag I need.  Added bonus is that when I ask my husband to get something from the diaper bag, I can just direct him to the color of the little tote we need!This is my new "go to" baby gift! " - Christina A. of Fairfield County

"I used my bags and I loved it. I only used ONE diaper bag and I only took the change me and insulated feed me bag out of the car. It was so nice not to worry about carrying two bags and loading or unloading them into the car or onto the stroller. I love the bags." - Marilyn (mommy of TWINS!!) of Washington 

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