5 Fun Crafting Ideas for the Perfect Father’s Day Gift


Father’s Day is such a special holiday for recognizing the hard work that dads do every single day. It sometimes can be hard to shop for dad, so why not create a gift that is more personal and meaningful than anything that can be bought from a store!

Dad’s special day is almost here, and if you are struggling to come up with a gift idea, these personalized and creative crafts can be the perfect gift!

  1. Decorate Your Own Cornhole Toss Boards:

This fun backyard activity can be turned into a cute gift idea for dad! All you need is unpainted cornhole boards, some paint and your kid’s imagination. Decorate the boards with paint handprints or cool designs. For an added personal touch, kids can write their names under their handprints or write fun messages to dad. It is a gift that can be used again and again for Summer backyard get togethers! It will be a fun memory to look back on for years to come!

  1. The Original Paint and Macaroni Picture Frame

This Father’s Day original craft is super easy to make with some cardboard and the macaroni noodles that have been sitting in your pantry. Trace and cut out the frames and let the kids work their creative magic to create and paint unique, one-of a-kind-frames. Have them glue on macaroni and paint the frame with dad’s favorite colors. Once the paint and glue dries, add in some stickers of things that dad loves for a personal touch.

  1. A Fun Message Board For The Fridge:

This craft is a great solution for a cluttered fridge that has grocery lists and magnets scattered everywhere! Why not get your organization onwith a crafted message board, where everything can be organized in one place and the kids can write notes to dad! All you need is a whiteboard that’s magnetic, fun magnets, a plastic cup, an eraser, extra magnets and some whiteboard markers.

Place the whiteboard on the fridge and have the kids draw a portrait of dad with the markers and have them add in lots of fun magnets or the ones already on your fridge! Make a corner for the grocery or to-do lists so the whole family can stay organized.

Glue the spare magnets to the cup for marker storage or glue them to the extra whiteboard markers to make them stick. It’s a wonderful gift that keeps you organized all year long!

  1.  Paint and Personalize a Wooden Tool Box:

If dad’s space in the garage needs a little pop of color, painting a toolbox can be a fun way to brighten up his work space. Grab a simple wooden tool box, paint brushes, paint and your kid’s imagination and have their creativity go to work! For extra detail, glue on some lugnuts, add foam stickers or draw dad’s name on the toolbox. It's a gift he'll enjoy for years to come!

  1. Father’s Day Coupons

Paper, markers, and stickers are all you need for this thoughtful craft. Help your child with writing cute phrases on each coupon such as: one hour of dad time, one free hug, one ice cream date or one hour of playtime. They can decorate the coupons with stickers and draw colorful pictures all over them. Dad will really appreciate all the time and effort!

There are so many gifts for dad out there, but the most memorable ones are always made from the heart and with love. Since they are one of a kind, we know that the dads out there will appreciate these handmade gifts more than anything you could ever buy at any store.

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