Memorial Day Hacks for Littles

Memorial Day is coming up, and that means the first of summer activities! If you’re planning a family beach day or a fun-filled pool party, you’re definitely going to want to use these hacks for a perfect Memorial Day! Enjoy the holiday with family and friends, and make all the work feel like a breeze!

Goodbye, Sand

There is nothing worse than trying to get packed and back in the car after a long day at the beach, especially when your little one is covered in sand! Stop the trail of sand by bringing some baby powder with you! Just sprinkle a little baby powder wherever the sand is sticking and it will rub right off! This magic little trick will eliminate the sand fast without a lot of fuss from your littles.

How to remove sand from babies easily

Fitted Sheet Trick

Sand is such a battle when bringing little ones to the beach! Avoid the big mess by bringing an old fitted sheet and create your own little area by puttings bags and coolers in the corners. This is not only good for the mess issue but also keeping your little one contained within the walls of the sheet. A day at the beach doesn’t mean you can’t have some carefree fun in the shade!

Water Fun in the Shade

Beach days are so much fun and are always an adventure! But most of the time your little one isn’t able to go in the water, or it will be too hot to be out there for long. Don’t let this stop you from giving the babies a special water experience! Bring a small, inflatable pool and fill it just enough for them to splash and have fun, while being under the protection of the umbrella. This is a perfect solution to the hot summer sun.

Double the Screen

Sunscreen is the most important tool for any hot pool day, especially when you’re at a Memorial Day party! Remember that 1 coat may not be the solution, especially if the littles are running in and out of the water. Make sure to reapply sunscreen often to ensure safety from the damaging sun rays.

Stars and Stripes

This Memorial Day, make the food just as memorable! Whether it’s cutting the watermelon into stars, or making red, white, and blue dipped chocolate pretzels, there are so many options to make this day amazing! Get the little one’s involved by letting them help with the desserts, or making skillers to grill and letting them make those. They will love getting to help with the food and be proud when they see their work being devoured!

Easy Baby Travelers

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