What was your "first time"?

With a growing boy and a growing business my "first time" moments are always coming...

Easy Baby "First Times"

Over at Easy Baby it was events like our first order that had my heart pounding and anxious to get home to put together the shipment. I was sitting at my husband's family BBQ and could not contain my excitement. I remember sneaking off to call my mom, screeching like a tea kettle with joy. When I got home I delicately compiled the tissue paper, examined the products, stuffed them with their instruction cards, wrapped them up, curled the ribbon, placed on our logo sticker and closed up the box. I ran to the post office to send it off and was elated that my order, my FIRST order, was on the way to help make another mom's life easier. 

From there the "first times" kept rolling... 

- First return costumer 

- First expo

- First gift wrapping order

- First product review (catch it here

- First stab at embroidery (that is an exciting surprise in itself)

And now... I am happy to add this to the "First Time" list... The first time that so many orders just kept rolling in that I had to recruit help to get them all together. 

With a big grin on my face I screamed up the stairs... "Honey, can you help me fill these orders?" 

Our Easy Baby aka the CMO in Training "First Time"

While we do celebrate the "first times" of the Easy Baby company, nothing quite compares to the first time your child does something. This weekend we enjoyed a trip to the farm for some pumpkin and apple picking. Between the views, family time and watching my son experience his "first time" it was breath taking. Here is a glimpse into our little family fun day.  


Happy fall from the Easy Baby family!
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