When Easy Baby isn't so Easy!

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When the Easy Baby turns into Sick Baby

Our little CMO in training has had a rough couple of months. He has been experiencing ear infections. One right after another. It started 7 weeks ago when our Easy Baby cried for the first time in the middle of the night in his crib. We know that we are extremely lucky with how "Easy" our little man is and we knew something was wrong when a baby, who usually slept 12 hours straight overnight, woke up constantly crying.

Through the ear infections the Easy Baby team became naturals at setting up the humidifier, using saline and the Nose Frieda to clear out his nose, Tylenol to break the fever, warm baths with steaming showers, the list goes on and on. 

Within a 7 week period, our little man had to endure 5 ear infections, 2 of which were double ear infections. As a mother, it is truly a heartache to see your child suffering and feeling helpless with not many options on what to do. With cold and flu season on the horizon and a visit to our ENT it was clear, the dude needed tubes in his ears. I know that this is a common thing for kids, but our baby is just 6 months old. 

Surgery Day

Leading up to the day of the procedure was filled with sleepless nights. That morning, after finally falling asleep at 4am, my husband woke me to our 4:30am alarm. We divided up the routine of feeding the cats, walking the dog and making the bottles so that we could let the baby sleep until 5:15am. That morning, I pulled our son from his crib and laid him on the changing table. In his sleepy state he rubbed his eyes and then proceeded to sleep through me changing his clothes and diaper. When I snapped the last button, he awoke with the biggest smile on his face. He was beaming ear to ear. My thoughts were racing of how mean I was as a mommy to be doing this to my happy little boy. My husband had to constantly remind me that this is to benefit him. To make him happier, and more importantly, healthier. 

We arrived at out patient center and I held my son just a little bit tighter. We sang endlessly to see him smile as we waited for the doctor to tell us that it was time. At 7am on the dot the doctor arrived, in his calming demeanor, ready to take the babe for his procedure. Daddy and son were off while I panicked silently in the waiting area. 

The 20 minutes, yes, just 20 minutes, felt like an eternity. When the doctor came out I immediately rose to my feet to hear the best thing I could have ever hoped for "Everything went perfect."I was brought back to recovery where I was in utter relief to be reunited with my son.

The rest of the day we cared for each other as a family. We gave hugs that were a little tighter, said "I love you" a little more, and soaked in each other as our happy family in our wonderful home. 

Our little trooper...

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