Mama’s First Night Away

Being back at work full time means seeing my son much less during the day. Making the time that I do have with him precious. I have adjusted my schedule to wake up even earlier so that by the time I am ready for work, I can still squeeze in some cuddling time with the babe. This past weekend I had my first overnight away from the baby and I don’t know who it was harder on, me or him. That’s a lie. I am led to believe it was harder on me based on the smiley happy photos daddy continuously sent throughout the day and night so that I could keep up with their adventures.

Prepping for the Big Day (or Overnight)

Every day leading up to my time away my husband reassured me that I would be fine and that he has everything under control. He is the daddy, right? He knows how to take care of our son. It was appreciated that my husband indulged me by listening to endless directions of how to clean the bottles and stack them on the drying rack, what night time routine is and how to be sure to check the diaper frequently. These are all things he already does, but for some reason not being home to “supervise” made me anxious. (Thanks for your patience, J!)

Day Of…

That day we hung out together as a family before I was to hop in the car with my sister and hit the road. I indulged on my son. Studying his face, his laugh, his smile and his sweet face as he napped. To him, time would continue on. To me, time was going to be in a standstill. When my mother arrived to pick me up, my eyes began to water but my son? He kept giggling. I gave him big hugs, many kisses and said my good byes.

And I’m Off!

Throughout the day it was #daddydaycare with the best photos being sent from their adventures (As seen throughout this post..) The boys enjoyed a nature walk, hanging with llamas and even going to the local pizzeria for a slice. I was feeling sad that I was missing out but happy that they were doing so well. For bedtime I was able to video chat to tell my son the same thing I tell him every night… “Dream big little one, for when you wake, you will move mountains.” Being able to not miss a night of that aspect of our routine meant the world to me.

The Next Day...

After tossing and turning all night (one would have thought that being able to sleep alone in a bed, with no husband, cats or son nearby would have granted the most amazing sleep of ones life) I was anxious to see my little family again. I woke up over an hour before my alarm and quickly got ready so that I could once again video chat with the little dude. Thank you, technology, for keeping this mama connected! It was heart melting to be on the video screen and to see my little man recognize me through the phone screen and smile. My husband explained that the baby was continuously trying to pull the screen to his face.

Headed Home...

As I write this blog post, I am on an Amtrak train headed back. A big part of me feels relief that
this ride will have the greatest ending… my husband and my son. Thanks Daddy, for doing such a great job.


My husband... the jokester, sent this when I initially left the house. Very funny.

Reunited with my son! Was thrilled to give him a Patriot football player from my Boston travels. He was thrilled too! 

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