Why can't car seat installation be EASY?

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This past week my husband and I received the car seat for his car. The thrill in my eyes to finally be able to rack up miles on his car with the little man in tow. These are the things that you get excited about when you get older, right? While the hubs watched the little mister I went to the car to take on the daunting task of installing the car seat. I know that the carseat companies work very hard to make installation as easy and seamless as possible, but, you have to be a superhero to be strong enough to pull the latch cords and seat belts tight enough to make sure that bad boy is anchored in appropriately.

Installation Struggles...

I watched youtube videos to see how other parents were installing and even mounted the carseat in order to allow my weight to help compress the seat even tighter into the car. I came inside to relax from that work out to then read a scary statistic that 73% of car seats are installed incorrectly and that in an accident your little one could get seriously injured. After reading that and my acrobatic attempt I decided I was uncomfortable with my amateur installation skills and wanted to visit a local car seat technician to be sure we get the job done right.

Getting Help From a Local Everyday Hero...

A friendly fire fighter by the name of Tony over at a Greenwich firehouse was quick to check my installation and offer great tips and training on how to adjust the harness for maximum safety. I highly recommend getting your cart seat looked at by a professional. It is worth it to keep your little one safe.

Curious to the car seats we use in our home?

We have both the Britax Boulevard (Left) and the Maxi Cosi Pria 70 (Right)

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