Drool Baby Expo

Hello followers! This past week we showcased our Easy Baby Diaper Bag Organizers at the Drool Baby Expo for Westchester and Fairfield Counties in Greenwich, CT. Check out how it went below! 

On Thursday we packed up our products, marketing materials and dreams and boxed them into plastic bins before loading them into our cars for our first ever expo. We felt nervous for what it would be like to be showcasing next to big brands like Britax, Uppa Baby, Nuna and 4Moms.

Upon arriving at the hotel everything felt like a scramble. We had rented a 6' table which every time we unpacked a box, the table would become cluttered, making it difficult to see the vision of the set up complete. 

Show Time!
Once our CEO gave the seal of approval for our table we anxiously waited for all the mommies-to-be, new mommies and veteran mommies to come strolling through the door. We were a very little pup in a room full of big dogs but it was amazing how the atmosphere was not competitive but rather a community of brands trying to genuinely help moms and dads navigate parenthood with great tools. 
As the day went on our comfort levels rose as we had been going over our pitch numerous times. It was great to be able to connect with all of the moms and see their reactions to the product as well as hear about questions that they had. This type of feedback allowed us to make adjustments on our website to answer some of those lingering questions that you all may have! 
After hours of standing, a lot of swollen feet, and a much lighter load to bring home (yay for sales!) it was a successful event that made us crave to do another. We absolutely loved the entire experience and even more importantly, love meeting all the parents/parents-to-be. Stay tuned for the next expo that we will be a part of. 


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