Coming Soon, the Presale!

by Danielle Cohen June 30, 2015

We have had an exciting week over at Easy Baby. All of the packaging materials have arrived for sending out orders and we can't wait for you to see it!  Want to be in the know when the presale begins? Email us at and we will contact you when the shop opens!  

This week we spoke to another mommy about her diaper bag and what "must have" items she always carries on her. 

Melissa's Diaper Bag

Melissa, a veteran mom to a handsome 3 year old boy and twin 8 month old girls, shares her diaper bag with us. Melissa went with a daddy gear diaper bag because she loves all of the different compartments that it has to offer. Melissa explained to us that having all of these different compartments helps her to find things quicker, which with 3 kids, time is of the essence. 

Melissa's "Must Have" Item

Ever wonder what a mom of multiples stashes in her bag? Melissa's must have item for the girls is the Sassy Wonder Wheel.

What a better way to capture the attention of your infant than with a wheel that is equipped with cascading beads. This toy teaches children the concept of cause and effect and is able to be suctioned right to a highchair or table to allow easy play time with out it repeatedly dropping on the floor. Thank you, Melissa! 

Let's not forget her little mister. When out and about her son enjoys playing with Jake's Never Land Skate Park. What a great, action packed set, that encourages her son's creativity.  

Tell us your Diaper Bag Disaster Story

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Danielle Cohen
Danielle Cohen


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