First Brave Mom Bares Her Diaper Bag

by Danielle Cohen June 24, 2015

Every week we ask mommies and daddies their biggest diaper bag disaster stories and what "must have" items they include in their diaper bags. Welcome to our first story.

Lauren's Diaper Bag

Lauren, a mommy to a beautiful 1 year old girl, hates how disorganized her diaper bag is. She can't get to items fast enough when her baby girl is crying and needs something immediately. We found Lauren's situation to be a very common one of the mommies and daddies we surveyed.

Lauren's "Must Have" Item

Ever wonder what other moms and dads stash in their diaper bags? Well, as part of the survey we asked. Lauren's must have item is Desitin.

There is no better offense than a really good defense and Desitin is what allows Lauren to take precautionary measures to keep her little lady comfortable and rash free. Aside from Desitin as a must have product, Lauren also explains how she always is sure to have spare clothes with her at all times because you never know what can happen between messy eating, leaky diapers and unpredictable weather. Take a peek at Lauren's diaper bag above. Thank you, Lauren! 

Why do diaper bag disasters happen?

As parents, we work hard organizing everything into our diaper bag before we leave the house:

  • Putting the toys in pockets
  • Baggies of pacifiers next to the ready to serve bottles
  • A zip lock of extra clothes
  • A back up blanket to cover the stroller from the sun or to keep baby warm

The list goes on and on...however, our diaper bags become disasters from the first time we go shuffling through the different things we need in order to make our little ones happy, quickly.

Tell us your Diaper Bag Disaster Story

We'd love to hear from you!

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Danielle Cohen
Danielle Cohen


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