#TipsWithDani - Surviving the Grocery Store With Littles

There's truly nothing like having to tackle big daily tasks and wondering if your kids can handle it. New moms know this... what once seemed simple is suddenly insurmountable. Getting gas means you have to stop the car. Taking showers requires a second adult. And getting groceries...? We shiver just to think about it!

That said, the food has to be purchased and the meals have to be made! Since this is such a common issue, we figured we'd share our top tips for grocery survival - you can do it, mama, and we're making it easier with these Easy Baby Traveler team hacks!

Grocery shopping is easy with these Easy Baby Travelers hacks!

Make it a Morning Trip

We all know that naptime is a rough time... so why combine grocery time and naptime together?! That's just madness! Taking your kiddos to run errands when they are already cranky is just a recipe for disaster, so just forget it and go with what you know works! Grocery stores are open at 9, friends, and then you have all of your errands done for the day before meltdowns even start to occur!

Morning shopping trips are usually the most successful - take advantage of that!

iSpy the Grocery Game!

Share the list with your littles! By talking ahead of time with your littles about what you need, you can get them involved in the shopping. Make it fun by planning a good ol' game of iSpy. Give them the run down by sections (produce, meat, dairy, bakery) and let them "help" you find what you are looking for. Yes, we know that you know where the tortillas are, but they will be so proud when they manage to find them!

Shop the Outside of the Grocery Store First

Not only is the outside where all of the healthy food lives (heyyyy, fresh produce... how you doin'??), but it's also the part that takes more time! Get this section out of the way right at the top of your trip so that you can be sure that the main items that are most needed are officially checked off the list... and also so that you have the freshest, happiest little ones when feeling the tomatoes for bruises!

Shopping the outside aisles is the best way to get the major needs out of the way early on your ship!

Incentivize Your Trip

Look, it's not bribery if it works. Actually, it is... but there's nothing to be ashamed of if it's the one thing that allows you to survive that one weekly shopping trip! With that in mind, allow your littles one item that they get to pick out to take home. A cookie? FINE! Sticker? Do it up! Our son typically selects a balloon. The time and cost element is minimal... but it gives him a chance to feel like he's truly a part of the process, and that's invaluable!

Bring Your Easy Baby Bags!

Our Carry-All Bags are made to order and they are incredible for use in transporting groceries. Best yet, they still match your diaper bag organizers and your on-the-go backpack! Their bright and cute patterns will also stand out when you're loading the car so that you're less likely to leave your groceries behind... win-win!

This Carry-All is perfect for groceries and a hundred other uses!

So what do you think of our top grocery tips? Do you have any of your own? Let us know over on Instagram what you think!

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