Easy Baby Travelers Diaper Bag Must-Haves For Summer

The hottest days of summer are here… are you ready? There’s nothing we like more than being able to jet out in a heartbeat to visit our local water parks, amusement parks, or the beach with our babies… but what do we need to have ready at all times? We definitely know that having littles can make it hard to remember all of the deets (helloooooo Mommy Brain), so we at Easy Baby Travelers figured that the logical solution here was to make a list of must-haves for your summer diaper bag. So, without further ado, grab THESE things and know with confidence that you are set for a day of fun!

Diapers of all Varieties

Obviously, the #1 thing to make sure that you are carrying in your diaper bag at all times would be… duh, diapers! But do you make sure that you are always packing regular diapers and swim diapers? Swim diapers will allow your almost-potty-trained (or otherwise) child to engage in water play on the go this summer without any fear of unpleasant accidents! Could there be a better way of being ready for a quick beach or pool trip? We love these reusable ones by iplay!

The Easy Baby Bag always has a good swim diaper in it for opportunities to stop and splash!

Wipes + Cream

Fill that lightweight wipes case up (we have super cute ones in the shop!), but definitely don’t forget to toss a barrier cream in as well to help keep diaper rash at bay! There’s nothing worse than being rashy and miserable in the summer… and you want your little to be able to REALLY enjoy their time without pain or discomfort! We had a giggle at this one's name, but turns out it works really well!

Snacks… for YOU, too!

Snacks are quite possibly one of the more important items in your diaper bag… for your kiddos, of course, but for YOU, TOO! We pack ahead because it allows us to choose delicious, healthy options that are budget-friendly way, but also because it helps keep everyone’s hunger at bay… which results in everyone being a bit happier! We love making coconut date balls, but really any combination of coconuts, dates, and nuts works for us!

Coconuts, dates, and nuts are our go to delicious snacks for mama while on the go!

An Insulated Water Bottle

Don’t take your chances with dehydration! Everyone needs to stay hydrated, especially in this heat! Plan ahead by bringing an insulated stainless steel water bottle that is designed to keep your water nice and cold. Pop a little fresh fruit in there or - better yet - fill it with a little coconut water for a delicious fresh treat in the heat!

Easy Baby Travelers, pre-packed with the go-tos

Okay, so maybe it’s cheating, but we pre-pack a set of Travelers and have them ready at a moment’s notice! Having pouches and bars in our Feed Me bag, a spare set of clothes for each little in the Dress Me bag (and include an extra pair of socks… who knows when you’ll need them at a new play gym!!), and a diaper/PullUp and wipes case in the Change Me bag is a TOTAL GAME CHANGER, mamas! We keep our essential oils, a round of unfamiliar toys and games, and many other items in the Extension Kit bags as well! Voila… that’s Easy, Baby!

Easy Baby Travelers are the perfect Diaper Bag Organizers for when you're out and about!

Easy Baby Travelers are the perfect Diaper Bag Organizers for when you're out and about!

Those are the things WE always have with us… what other items would you add to your must-have summer bag? Let us know over on Instagram - we can’t wait to see all of the awesome adventures YOU take with your Easy Baby items this summer!

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