The Easy Baby Office Refresh!

Any mom or dad can tell you that there's that one nook or cranny in their home that tends to build up with junk. For us, that was our dining room. Although we did enjoy spending time there occasionally as a family, it was just too tempting to fold clean laundry in there, to swing the strollers by, and to simply allow it to be a place where things would sit... endlessly!

Since the Easy Baby Travelers family (hiiiii, we're Dani and Jason!) runs the business side of things from our home, we knew it was even more important for us to have a dedicated space. With that in mind, we wanted to share our dining room-to-office conversion with you, in case you, too, have been planning to do some interior work with summer!  And could there be anything more fabulous feeling than having a new, organized workspace? 

Here's the before:

The Easy Baby Travelers dining room was underutilized... so we decided to convert it into our in-home office!

Once we made the decision to overhaul the room, we made a list of the things we REALLY loved and wanted to incorporate and then jumped right in!


We had to, of course, start with the furniture. Our desks are where we spend a lot of our time. Jason is working on a desk that was my father's when he first moved to the city to start his residency. My father kept it when he and my mom moved to Connecticut and my mom gifted it to us. It is nice seeing Jason working at the same desk that my father did.

My desk is my happy space. I admit that it was somewhat of a splurge, but I rationalized it with the fact that it is where I am making this family business grow. I wanted something that had high fashion but was still very simple and not very bulky-feeling. Jason and I did matching office chairs with different accents on them. I selected a faux sheepskin throw to give it a feminine touch and we added a tribal blanket on Jason's.
Dani's desk was a splurge, but we absolutely love how it looks!
Jason's desk is a bit sentimental - it means a lot to our family, and it looks perfect in the room!
We have a lot of paperwork and products that we cycle through in the office, so a petite bookcase allowed us to have easy access to what we need. We didn't do a large one because we didn't want it to look too cluttered. Of course, ours includes some personal touches that I absolutely adore!
We love our bookshelf for keeping work materials organized in our office space!
When it comes to decór, we just had to start with the Romer Britto Moonstruck Painting. Owning this painting was a dream of mine! Britto is one of my favorite artists and Jason and I took a family vacation to Miami where Britto Central is located. We walked into the gallery (knowing that I was going to want to buy a piece because it was my dream) and hanging there right when you walked in was "Moonstruck." I immediately told Jason: "it's us!" The painting is extremely large and we didn't know which wall we would hang it on, but this room refresh gave us the perfect place to hang it! My heart melted when Phin saw the painting and he immediately asked, "Is that Mommy and Daddy?" It sealed the deal for me! Fun Fact: We sit near our "character," so I am closer to the woman and Jason is closer to the man. Love this painting so much, and I really feel like it brings the whole room together! We knew that we wanted a couch in there, too, and decided to mix up some fun throw pillows to make the white couch pop. I went on Pinterest to see some tutorials of what combinations of styles work together and used that as inspiration. We ended up with these three: Ruffle PillowStripe Pillow, and Love Pillow, which I LOVE together! We've added a globe to our coffee table, too, intentionally included... after all, we are Easy Baby Travelers! We want to promote seeing the world and make being on the move with baby feel like a conquest that you have under control!
We love how our painting and pillows complement each other with the white couch and globe!
I also wanted to include a mirror because I feel like it allows a lot of light to bounce off of it and light up the room. Of course, at night after the kiddos go to bed, we still need to light the room, so we used this desk lamp to complement the gold/brass pulls on the desk.
We love how the mirror brightens up our room!
Finally, between Phin and Luke, our dog Barkley, 4 cats, and 5 fish, we wanted a plant that would allow it to feel like there was life in the room (but one that required no work)... which is how we ended up hunting down this faux plant. We also love this wicker planter (baskets have a much softer feel to them than ceramic planters) and this faux throw for warming up the room, while still keeping the overall feel light and airy.

So that's our new office space - which detail in the Easy Baby Travelers office do YOU love most? Hop over to join us on Instagram and let us know!
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