6 Steps For Getting Ready In The Morning With A Baby

Six Steps to Getting Ready In The Morning With a Baby
One of the most difficult daily rituals to take on as a mom with a little one (or little ones) is getting ready in the morning. What was once stressful before kids can now become really stressful if you don’t have simple plan in place to help you get ready for every work day. The following is my six step plan that I use in the morning with my little ones in order to make sure my family and I have a great start to our day.

1. Do what you can the night before and make mornings less chaotic.
Prepare bottles and sippy cups. Check the weather and then pick out outfits for the next day. Organize and refill your diaper bag. If you’re preparing a fresh lunch determine what you will prep in the morning and set it aside in the refrigerator. At a minimum, wash dishes and make sure you have containers (I like the baby bento box) you’ll need for your child’s food.

2. Wake up 30 minutes before your little ones do.
If you know your littles are up at 6:30, wake at 6 to take care of your needs first. Happy mommies, mean happy babies! :). This will leave you free and less stressed while focusing on your children’s needs when they get up.

3. Take a shower while still keeping an eye on your kids.

It is possible! Here’s how: Shower with your toddler and if you have an infant, keep them in a Rock ‘n Play outside the shower door. When you’re done washing, step out and leave the toddler in the shower (with ample toys!). Dry off and get dressed in the bathroom while you can keep a watchful eye on both your babies!

Our older son loves playing with squeeze toys and letters that when they get wet, they will stick to the shower wall. We also place a mesh bag with suction cups in the shower to place the toys in to keep them out of the way. If your shower floor is slippery make sure to include a mat. Make sure you can keep an eye on your child while they are still in the shower!

4. Tag team with your partner!
If your significant other needs to get ready as well, swap places in the shower with them once you’re done. This allows you to dry your hair and get dressed while your hubs watches the babes.

5. Get a Pack ‘n Play for your bedroom.
Put your little in it with some toys or a favorite show on TV so that you know baby is safe while you move about the room to get ready. Make sure you have the right infant accessories for your Pack ‘n Play to keep them safe. Keep the Pack ‘n Play in a part of your bedroom where your little will be visible from any point in your bedroom.

6. Put the kids in a highchair or a sit-me-up with breakfast.
This will keep the kids contained while you take care of any remaining to-dos before you leave the house… including that cup of coffee!

I live by this plan every day. It’s super helpful for work days. I hope it helps you too.

Have your own plan or suggestions for mine? Put them in the comments below.

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