Falling In Love With Your Husband... In A New Way

Finding the One

`When you finally find "the one" - you are over the moon in love. You love spending time together, making memories, making each other laugh and just basking in each other's greatness.  I have always loved my husband. Always. From the moment we met, I thought that I loved him completely, the whole man, until we had our son, our little "CMO in training" as he is referred to on our social media accounts. Our little mister has filled our hearts from a void we didn't even know existed. We were no longer husband and wife - we were too excited for our promotions to Mommy and Daddy. 

Being Mommy and Daddy

Sleepless nights, yeah they happen. Poop? Puke? Yeah, one day you will walk around all day with it on your elbow and not even realize it. When you do, you wear it as a badge of honor. As the resident Mommy and Daddy over at Easy Baby we have, after a year, established a routine that allows us to run our house, our work lives and maximize our time with the little mister. This is where I learned a new way to fall in love my husband. 

New Way of Love

When Jason became a daddy, I saw him in a completely new light. He was no longer only the man of my world who always took care of me, provided for us and my partner in crime. He was now the man who sets the bar high of what an amazing dad is. I find myself in the mornings enjoying my cup of coffee while wiping the sleep out of my eye and watching Jason play on the floor with the boy. It is not like that sit on the floor, watch the news and semi watch babe. It is full engagement of laughter and cuddles. The love I feel when watching him with our son is an indescribable love that I did not have before he became a daddy. It is a new kind of love. It is pretty amazing when you find new ways to love. Aside from the love I have for our son, this new found love, this feeling I have watching Jason with the little mister, is breath taking.  


 **Note, on the day of this shoot, our son was having a tough time keeping any foods down. That night, he puked all over me, Jason spent the night rubbing his back. As with many other sick nights, Jason insists on snuggling with him in the night. Jason, you set the bar high. We love you in more ways that hopefully you now can almost understand.


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