5 Tips I Wish I Had Been Told As A New Mom
from a Successful Mompreneur
Any new mother asks herself how to be a great mom for her child. Long nights, diaper changes, feedings, doctor check-ups and making sure your baby is always happy and healthy easily gets overwhelming though. So what can you do to avoid being overwhelmed? Mompreneur Danielle of Easy Baby Travelers gives you five tips!
1) When your baby is a newborn/infant save time at night by preloading diapers with A&D ointment, or Aquaphor. Makes diaper changes in the dark a breeze.
2) Plenty of people will tell you to sleep when your baby sleeps. Be realistic about that - it’s not always going to happen as you need time for other things too. By doing dishes, laundry and lightly straightening up the house when your baby is napping you can focus more on your baby when s/he is awake. If you get overwhelmed by sleep deprivation, ask someone for help with household tasks so you can nap with your baby, or see if someone can do babysitting for a couple of hours a day/week.
3) Organize by giving everything a "home" in your house. Baskets will help with this task. One basket for medications, one for small toys, one for clothes that don't fit anymore, etc. There is a basket for everything! On the go? Organize your diaper bag into compartments that will keep like items together. Organization will save your sanity and help keep your baby happy and safe, because you’ll find what you’re looking for when it’s needed (and with a screaming baby, you often want to find things fast!).
4) Double things up. By having two of everything, you’re always prepared. For example, have a waterproof sheet in the bed covering the mattress and then a regular sheet covering that. On top of that, repeat with another waterproof sheet and another regular sheet. If your baby throws up, or soils the bed at night, you remove the top layer and the bed is ready to be used again. Same with having extra sanitized pacifiers and bottles ready to go. If something unexpected happens you have a quick solution that will keep your baby happy and healthy.
5) Change your expectations about being the perfect parent. You are going to mess up. You will forget a diaper change; you will forget to pack a bottle. Relax. It is ok. Your expectation should be to make it through the day with little one tucked in happy and healthy at night. If you reach that goal, then you rocked it!
Mompreneur Danielle says removing unnecessary pressure is key for happiness and organization is key for saving time and having a stress-free(ish) life as a new mom. This, in turn, will help keep babies happy.
Danielle’s product, Easy Baby Travelers, comes with different tote bags that make it easy to store various baby essentials (diapers, clothes, bottles, food) in the bag. The Travelers are a first in a line of stylish products that will make life as a new mom (and dad) easier.
Before having a baby it’s not all that essential to quickly find what you’re looking for, but when you’re sitting on a flight, or on a train, with a screaming baby and can’t find the pacifier or the diaper that you need, it’s not that easy anymore. You want to make your baby happy and save the hearing of fellow passengers, so when the screaming continues your stress levels shoot through the roof.
What’s more, the different Easy Baby Travelers will help you remember what you need to pack in the first place - something which isn’t always easy when you’re sleep deprived and exhausted.
Having a new baby can be stressful in so many ways. Danielle says that it’s important to look at each element that brings stress and then tackle it. For example, she realized it was a good idea to have an “emergency” kit in the car with snacks, pacifiers, etc. She didn’t always think to bring her diaper bag with her when just running a quick errand, but that “quick errand” easily turned into a nightmare if she didn’t have what her baby needed.

Sit down and think about what’s causing you stress as a new mom. By removing one stressful element after the other you start regaining balance again.
Danielle says her mission is to help moms regain control over their lives (and happiness), by providing simple solutions for small problems that amount to lots and lots of stress when combined. She also emphasizes that her products are designed to help moms give babies the care they need, thus also making moms better moms without having to work any harder than they already do!

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