• Seersucker Travelers - Complete Set of 8

    Easy Baby Travelers Organize Your Diaper Bag into a Complete Set of 8 Pouches

    • 8 Piece Easy Baby Travelers Set consists of Change Me, Feed Me, Feed Me Insulated Bottle Bag, Dress Me, Comfort Me, Entertain Me and Clean Me Wet Bag Travelers and one Change Me Changing Pad
    • Leave the bulky diaper bag behind and take the Easy Baby Traveler that has the baby supplies you need.
    • Unique, gender neutral, color/pattern coding and tags on the top of the bag make it easy for mom or dad to quickly spot the Traveler you need.
    • Travelers are flexible allowing them to fit in almost any diaper bag, purse or backpack.
    • Top of the bag tag and handle let you quickly find and grab the Traveler you need.
    • Insulated Feed Me Traveler holds bottles, sippy cups or other perishables.
    • Insulated Feed Me Traveler includes a fastener handle to clip your Insulated Feed Me Traveler on to your stroller for immediate access to feed your baby.
    • Water Resistant Clean Me Traveler holds wet and dirty clothes for blowouts.
    • Change Me, Dress Me, Feed Me Travelers when full are approximately the size of a half gallon of milk, measure 10"x6"x5" and hold at least a day's worth of baby/toddler supplies.
    • Travelers are made of cotton.
    • All Easy Baby Travelers can be spot cleaned.

    New Orleans Seersucker Style

    Seersucker became a staple in the South when in 1907 a local New Orleans merchant was searching for a lightweight fabric that could be created into a suit designed for the heat and humidity of Southern days. Seersucker became so well loved in the South that one Mississippi Congressman brought its Southern charm to Washington D.C. in 1996 for an annual "Seersucker Thursday". Our Easy Baby New Orleans Seersucker Style line celebrates the history of this colorful and striped fabric that retains its warm weather charm.

    What Pouches Do I Organize My Baby Supplies Into?

    1. Place diapers, wipes, and ointments in the Change Me Traveler.
    2. Place extra clothes in the Dress Me Traveler.
    3. Place formula, food, burp cloths, and bibs in the Feed Me Traveler.
    4. Place your cold bottles or food into the Feed Me Insulated Traveler.
    5. Place wet and dirty clothes in the water resistant Clean Me Traveler.
    6. Place toys and books in the Entertain Me Traveler.
    7. Place medicine in the Comfort Me Traveler.
    8. Place the Change Me changing pad in the Change Me Traveler for a quick diaper change anywhere.
    9. Place your Easy Baby Travelers into your diaper bag, purse, backpack or carry them separately.


    What Kind Of Diaper Bags Do Easy Baby Travelers Pouches Fit Into?

    The main Change Me, Dress Me, Feed Me Travelers when full are flexible, fit into many types of diaper bags and backpacks and are approximately the size of a half gallon of milk. They measure approximately 10"x6"x5" and hold at least a day's worth of baby/toddler supplies for up to two children. The changing pad is approximately 13''W x 21'' H. The Entertain Me bag is approximately 12''W x 15.5'' H. The Comfort Me bag is approximately 10''W x 5'' H.

    Look at our photo reviews from our customers to see Easy Baby Travelers in many different types of bags. If your Easy Baby Travelers don't fit in your diaper bag you have 14 days to return them.


    All Easy Baby Travelers should be spot cleaned.

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