Fall Guide // Staying Well

The shift in seasons usually brings in things that we don't really like or welcome. Our bodies are without vitamin D (vital for our bodily functions!) and we're more susceptible to sickness. It's important to keep our bodies boosted and above the wellness line - and not wait until we're sick to do so!!
Start taking care of you and your family's bodies NOW, so that when the rest of the world is coughing their brains out or laid up in bed, you're the family out at the orchard doing all the fall things without a care in the world! 
Fall Essential Oils



Thieves, Oregano, + Immupower: put 10-15 drops of each in a roller and roll on your feet + spine each night before bed (at the very least). Bonus boosting if you do this 3 times a day (morning, midday, and before bed!)


Diffuse this around the clock, and bonus! It smells like fall! Pair with orange, tangerine, lemon, or other fall oils and you'll get the immune boost along with the yummy smell.


Confession: I totally have these even when I'm not under the weather, because hello... THIEVES! I already ordered a few bags to have stock on hand and plan to have them all the time. I also use these when I do have colds or sore throats and they are incredibly soothing.


Take one a day throughout the fall/winter season. Inner Defense reinforces systemic defenses, creates unfriendly terrain for yeast/fungus, promotes healthy respiratory function, and contains potent essential oils like oregano, thyme, and Thieves which are rich in thymol, carvacrol, and eugenol for immune support. I already started taking one a day because I ain't messin' around!


Another supplement to take daily - plus it's chewable, so give it to your littles too! I'm already taking at least 1 of these a day right now. Super C combines pure Orange essential oil with a proprietary blend of camu camu, acerola, cherry, and rose hips fruit powder to create a powerful immune-supporting supplement.

Essential Oils have really been a game changer for me! I did the #SwitchAndDitch for healthier options for healing. Follow us for more amazing recipes and tips at @EasyBabyEssentials or join the community over on Facebook.

STAY WELL this season, my friends!!!


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