Kill them with "The Look"

You know that look... the look of when happiness is about to turn into complete and utter, uncontrollable sorrow. The pouty lower lip, crinkled chin, large glazed eyes and puffed out cheeks. 

You always get the "look" right before everything is about to come crumbling down. Our little man is just 7 months old and has been showcasing the infamous "look" that would have people handing kids back to their parents in a heartbeat. But our little man is doing this whenever I (mommy) walk away! Separation anxiety? Tired? New toothy making an entrance? We are never really sure. Our babe is always usually extremely happy and even became the inspiration behind our company name, Easy Baby. 

So what do we do to make the Easy Baby grace his face with a smile again? 

During the stressful time of teething we let our little guy play with his best friend, Sophie.  Sophie has been a fun teething toy for Baby to chew! She squeaks if squeezed at her belly which keeps the mister giggling away. 





To ease separation anxiety in the car we picked up one of these Britax car seat mirrors. Now while I am driving the Babe can see me through the reflection of his mirror and know that Mommy is close by! This is far from a cure from separation anxiety but can give me a couple of crying free minutes here and there. 





Another life saver in the car is listening to great tunes from the Laurie Berkner Band. If you have not heard of this group, get it! It is addicting to all children and you may even find yourself rocking out to "Vitor Vito" while taking a peaceful shower or singing yourself to sleep with "Moon Moon Moon". This playlist was a hit 6 years ago for my nephew, 3 years ago for my niece and is killing it with our son! 


Sleepy Baby? We have relied heavily on our Snugapuppy. This little cradle weighs close to nothing. It folds up slim and even has a soothing vibration for the baby. We usually move this bad boy around the house from the bathroom, bedroom, living room and kitchen if we need a quick place for baby to rest that can be easily moved. 







After going through all attempts we are left with the best thing ever, our Easy Baby


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