5 Baby Organization Tips For Moms

5 Baby Organization Tips For Moms

Ever heard of diaper chaos? It's just like when you're in a rush and have to pause and root around in your purse to find keys. But when you're  taking care of your little one, the hunt might be for a diaper, pacifier or baby's favorite toy. Ugh!

As a mom, our first priority is to keep our babies happy and in great health. We plan a lot and do our research, but we all know there will still always be unexpected messes and changes in plan.

Danielle Dalgin with her familyAs a mother of two and mompreneur, the most surprising challenge about being a new mom for me was trying to keep organized. Getting organized meant changing my family's entire routine. But the change was worth it. I found that once I started to have a great sense of organization set up, I was able to minimize my to-do list for them and maximize my time with them.

Here are 5 baby organization tips that will help you respond to new situations by knowing where to find what you need so you can put a smile back on baby's face ASAP:

1. Clear that clutter 
Feng shui may not be the first thing on your mind all the time when the dog is howling at the neighbor's cat, Dad's got a cold and baby is tossing Cheerios at you, but your surroundings are an important part of how your whole family feels.

When it comes to cleaning up, the focus is usually on cleaning and sanitizing, but taking a few extra minutes to get rid a few unnecessary things each time you clean – like donating books you haven't touched for years, or toys that your child has outgrown – is a great way to relieve stress and give you a lighter feeling.

2. Make sure everything has its own place
It's hard enough not being able to find something when you don't have a baby in tow – so when baby needs a new diaper and you're on the go , an organized bag can make all the difference.

All moms have a diaper bag, right? Problem solved. Well, not really. Although the bag seems like a necessity, it's like having a big handbag. No matter how cute the bag is, it's big, bulky and all of your baby's stuff gets mixed up, causing you to have hunt around to find what you need. Use pockets wisely or incorporate an organization system that lets you separate items based on different needs (food here, clothes there, toys here, diapers way over there).

3. Carry extra supplies whenever you're on the road
Modern parenting requires a whole lot of driving time. In addition to vehicle safety and a secure car seat, you should keep enough baby supplies on hand in case of unexpected delays or breakdowns.

Helpful items to have are an extra change of clothes, extra baby formula for an empty tummy (powder formula is always smart) , and a few items for entertainment in case of long waits. Oh, and don't forget snacks and water for mom and dad, too.

4. Get prepared for family vacation
Whenever you're headed out for a family vacation, you're parting with your usual family routine . You'll be on a new time schedule and in new surroundings. You might be forfeiting the usual conveniences – there won't always a corner store nearby with the essentials.

Toddler with Easy Baby Travelers

While you want to pack everything (including the kitchen sink), you also won't want to carry all that around all the time. That's why having a compartmentalized system, like Easy Baby Travelers, lets you carry everything on the trip without having to take the whole bag or suitcase to every single activity.

5. Take a deep breath.
Make sure sanity is a part of your busy schedule. Being a mother means you're putting your family first. It's important to remember that children can feel stress, too. A key part of staying organized and positive is having a bit of mommy time.

And while we're not denying that mommy time is a huge luxury, make it a part of your weekly routine – even if it's only a few minutes in the bathtub or an occasional yoga class. That inner peace will help you keep your cool when the going gets tough!

Must have bonus tips...
Part of my organization at home is simply designating days for emptying diaper pails and laundry and adding a storage area for diaper bags. Oh, and my personal favorite at-home organization trick? Layering my boys' cribs. I make their beds by layering a mattress protector, a sheet, mattress protector, sheet, mattress protector and sheet. That way, if there is an accident overnight or it is laundry day, I can just peel off a layer from the combo.

I also keep organized when I'm out and about with my boys. Having a baby changed my social life in the sense that everything needs good planning. If we are going to go out with friends with kids in tow we really work hard to plan around naps and bedtimes If not, we can end up with extremely cranky children. And that's never fun!

Easy Baby Travelers on and InfantSo when I realized that I was carrying so much unnecessary stuff for my boys – in and out of restaurants, to friends' homes, on errands, and spending too much time hunting for what my boys needed, I came up with the idea to start a business to help other moms in the same situation. It's called Easy Baby Travelers, an organization system that helps moms put everything in the right place.

Easy Baby Travelers is a set of compartmentalized bags, with an individual bag for each of baby's needs – for feeding, changing, dressing, entertainment and others. These separate compartments work in any diaper bag, suitcase or purse. The system allows moms to pack it all, but select just a bag or two for quick trips and events, while preventing precious moments being wasted in the search for items at the bottom of the diaper bag.

I believe family time is the greatest benefit of prioritizing organization. I'd much rather get right back out to the nature center and watch my oldest "MOO!" at all the cows, than spend ages in a public bathroom scavenging in my bag for diapers and other jumbled around supplies… and, really, who wouldn't!?

Danielle Dalgin with Easy Baby Travelers Polka DotOne thing I learned as a working mom... I know it's easy to get consumed in the details of work, even without kids. For working moms it's especially important to put down all of those devices and tune into your kids 100%. But when it's time to work, go for it and get creative!

Before having kids one would say that I loved adventure. Things like skydiving, bungee jumping, running the NYC Marathon, scuba diving the great barrier reef... now I channel those adventures in Easy Baby. It's great because I can be as creative as I want to be. The only limitations are the ones you make.

So, whether you're a working mom, a new or experienced mom, or planning to be a mom soon, we hope these tips help you get organized, so you can handle the unexpected with grace. Because family time is supposed to be happy, healthy and memorable!

Try Easy Baby Travelers! You’ll love it.

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