Easy Potty Training Watch

  • EFFECTIVE, FUN POTTY TRAINING! Hey All! We created our potty training watch to make potty training with your little ones effortless! With its features, you can set an alarm and the watch simply lights up and plays a tune, a gentle and entertaining way to get your child's attention when it's time to go potty! Toilet training can be a challenge for parents and half of the battle is reminding the little ones. The potty training watch is here to take care of that job for you!
  • ENCOURAGES INDEPENDENCE The potty training watch fosters independence and kids won't feel pressured by parents. Set the timer for 30, 60 or 90 minutes interval, the potty watch will remind your child consistently and puts the responsibility back on the child when it's time to go potty. Your little one will do the training whenever the watch tells her to do so. Say goodbye to nagging!
  • MODERN DESIGN & RECHARGEABLE Our potty watches comes in 4 colors (Blue, Red, Green, Purple). It's non-toxic and your kids can wear it freely. The wristband is adjustable and soft- perfect for your child's small wrists! With its trendy designs, the watch is rechargeable using USB 2.0 and has a standby time that lasts for 7-20 days.
  • WATERPROOF No worries about the watch being damaged! Our potty watch for toddlers is designed to be waterproof. No need to remove this when washing hands. It is designed to withstand water.

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