Easy Bed - Portable Baby Bed with Head Support

ULTRA COMFORTABLE, PEACEFUL SLEEP! Hey all! We created our Ultra-comfortable, "cocoon-like" Baby portable bed to provide the most peaceful and restful sleep that your baby boy or girl can have. With the adjustable leg support, this newborn lounger raises your baby's legs to help with digestion and breathing. This "holding" effect in combination with the raised leg support will give your baby the most comfortable sleep ever!

PREVENTS BABY FLAT HEAD SYNDROME This cozy portable baby nest bed has also an ideal head support best for preventing flat-head syndrome. With its design, this baby lounger bed will distribute pressure on your babies skull evenly. This will help in keeping your babies head nice & round and prevent flat head syndrome.

CUSTOMIZABLE SIZE EXTENDS AS YOUR BABY GROWS It's customizable in size which allows you to adjust the leg roll according to the comfort and size of your little one.
Perfectly giving your baby a very relaxed slumber.

EASY TO CLEAN AND PORTABLE Traveling? Our baby lounger nest is perfect for you! This baby travel portable bed is simple and efficient in design. It is foldable and best inserted in car seats, strollers or rockers. It’s easy to clean, machine-washable and very lightweight. This will be your best partner in taking good care of your bundle of joy while enjoying a trip!

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