Detroit Rock City Easy Baby Travelers Starter Set of 4 for Diapers, Clothes, Food & Bottles

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Comfort cries faster.
Carry only what you need.

How Easy Baby Travelers Work

*Easy Baby Travelers are now available in five styles.

  1. Separate and organize your baby/toddler supplies into their matching Easy Baby Traveler.
  2. Place your Easy Baby Travelers in any bag you want to call a diaper bag.
  3. Baby just ate? Now going on a quick lunch with your little and your girlfriends? Just take your Easy Baby Change Me Traveler, and leave the bulky diaper bag behind!

Detroit Rock City

In the 1960s, high energy rock bands began to emerge in Detroit. MC5 and Iggy and the Stooges laid down a foundation for up and coming music genres such as Punk. Detroit pioneered the Rock 'n Roll publication when in 1969, Creem, a magazine based in Detroit, was known as "America's Only Rock 'n' Roll Magazine". Easy Baby Detroit Rock City Travelers contrast bright neon zippers and embroidery with dark fabrics and celebrate many iconic visual symbols of Rock 'n Roll including; lightning bolts (as seen in the logo for ACDC), skulls (Grateful Dead) and sunglasses (famously worn by Elvis, The Beatles and even Bob Marley) just to name a few!

More Details & Benefits

  • Four Change Me, Dress Me, and Feed Me (regular AND insulated) Travelers organize any bag into a diaper bag.
  • Or, leave the bulky diaper bag behind and take the Easy Baby Traveler that has the baby supplies you need.
  • Unique, gender neutral, color coding and tags on the top of the bag make it easy for mom or dad to quickly spot the Traveler you need.
  • Bright and neon matching zippers and embroidery make for a bold and unique statement for your diaper bag.
  • Travelers are flexible allowing them to fit in almost any diaper bag, purse or backpack.
  • Top of the bag tag and handle let you quickly find and grab the Traveler you need.
  • Insulated Feed Me Traveler holds bottles, sippy cups or other perishables.
  • Insulated Feed Me Traveler includes a fastener handle to clip your Insulated Feed Me Traveler on to your stroller for immediate access to feed your baby.
  • Change Me, Dress Me, Feed Me Travelers when full are approximately the size of a half gallon of milk, measure 10"x6"x5" and hold at least a day's worth of baby/toddler supplies.
  • Travelers are made of cotton canvas.
  • All Easy Baby Travelers can be spot cleaned.

Packing List

  1. Place diapers, wipes, and ointments in the Change Me Traveler.
  2. Place extra clothes in the Dress Me Traveler.
  3. Place formula, food, burp cloths, and bibs in the Feed Me Traveler.
  4. Place your cold bottles or food into the Feed Me Insulated Traveler.
  5. Place your Easy Baby Travelers into your diaper bag, purse, backpack or carry them separately.


The main Change Me, Dress Me, Feed Me Travelers when full are flexible, fit into many types of diaper bags and backpacks and are approximately the size of a half gallon of milk. They measure approximately 10"x6"x5" and hold at least a day's worth of baby/toddler supplies for up to two children.

Look at our photo reviews from our customers to see Easy Baby Travelers in many different types of bags. If your Easy Baby Travelers don't fit in your diaper bag you have 14 days to return them.


All Easy Baby Travelers should be spot cleaned.

Buying Individual Bags

Easy Baby Travelers are sold as sets. We occasionally have single bags available. Those can be found here.

Add A Bag to Carry All Your Easy Baby Travelers

Available in Most Easy Baby Designs
Carry around your Easy Baby Travelers in a Carry-All that matches your set (or choose from our other Easy Baby designs!)

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Add A Wipes Case

Easy Baby Travelers Wipes Cases

Available in Skulls, Elephants or Easy Baby Logos Patterns
Great for on the go or at home. Keeps wet wipes moist. Easy to fill and dispense. Durable, soft and flexible. Includes strap to hang anywhere. Measures 8.5 Inched Long x 5 Inches High.

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