Fun Reads to Enjoy With Your Littles!

We absolutely love evening story time! Sitting with the babes and a book allows us to decompress at the end of a long day, is a fabulous excuse to sneak in some evening snuggles, and research shows that it’s a great way to support healthy brain development! With all of those wins in mind, reading to littles is something that we at Easy Baby Travelers are always trying to incorporate when we can!

There are so many titles out there, though… so, where to begin? Although our bookshelf feels like it’s filled to bursting some days, we definitely have a few titles we reach for pretty often that we figured we’d share! So, without further ado, here are some fun reads to enjoy with your littles!

Reading to our kids is one great way for the Easy Baby Travelers family to reconnect and to help support their learning!

The Story of Ferdinand (Munro Leaf)

What It’s About: Ferdinand is a bull who does not like fighting… instead, he’d prefer to smell flowers under a cork tree. When he grows up, Ferdinand is one of the largest, strongest bulls who, due to a bee sting, winds up in a matador fight, quite at odds with his gentle nature.

Why We Love It: Who wouldn’t love a story about a bull who loves flowers? This story, which was recently made into an award-nominated film adaptation, is great for sharing with kiddos because the main message - that it’s okay to be different - well, it's one that we ALL need to hear sometimes!

Click Clack Moo (Doreen Cronin)

What It’s About: This adorable book tells the story of Farmer Brown and his retinue of animals. When his cows discover an old typewriter in the barn, they start using it to make requests. When Farmer Brown refuses to provide electric blankets, the cows go on strike and refuse to provide milk, followed by the hens, and eventually the ducks...

Why We Love It: This fun story features beautiful illustrations, a funny story, and plenty of onomatopoeias (click clack moo, anyone?) which is an absolute hoot for kiddos at the end of a long day! Plus, it's a quick, engaging read!

Click Clack Moo is always a great story for reading to littles - the onomatopoeias make it very engaging for kids of all ages, the Easy Baby family finds!


Goodnight Moon (Margaret Wise Brown)

What It’s About: The story is simple: it follows a bunny’s nighttime ritual of saying goodnight to all of its inanimate objects and animal friends that reside in the home.

Why We Love It: This board book, a long-time bestseller, hits our faves list because our toddler has memorized some of the words! His excitement in participating with “reading” the rhyming words at the end makes us smile every time!


The Book With No Pictures (BJ Novak)

What It’s About: This book has absolutely no plot. Instead, it is a hilarious read-aloud book that encourages kids to participate and parents to get just a little bit silly!

Why We Love It: While pictures are delightful and add color and richness to the story that we read… have you ever thought that you could read a book with absolutely not a single image and be rolling on the floor? The Book With No Pictures will have the entire family dissolving in giggles… and will be your newest favorite birthday gift to friends and loved ones!

The Book With No Pictures will be a new family favorite; the Easy Baby Travelers team can't recommend it enough!


So have you found the story time love yet? What do you think of these books? Give them a try and let us know what you think… and drop your tips for top books over on Instagram - we always love to try new ones!

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