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How inspired do you get by colors, patterns, and themes? We at Easy Baby Travelers can't get enough of curating designs and schemes for you... but how do they connect with your personal lifestyle? Every time we see you guys with your EBTs in the "wild," we are totally inspired by how cute you look, so with that in mind, we're excited to start a new series -- Easy Baby Travelers Savvy Style Boards -- to share the love! 

With music running through our blood and the radio blasting our fave tunes, we're really digging on the Detroit Rock City pattern... and so, without further ado, we bring you our Detroit Rock City Style Boards!

We love the Detroit Rock City Style... don't you? 

For The Littles

Detroit Rock City - Baby Style... cute, rock and roll, and fun all day long!

Tee | Shorts | Shoes | BagPlaid Shirt | Dress | Boots


For Mama

This style will have you twinning with your Detroit Rock baby in no time - and the Easy Baby Travelers bag will have you looking oh-so-cute doing it!

Tank | Shirt | Jeans | HatCarry-All ToteSunnies | Shoes


For The Nursery

Tunes, style, and Easy Baby Travelers vibes... what more could this kids' room need?

Ramones Print | Crib | LoveyArt | Lamp | Rug


So what do you think? Do you know someone who would rock this style? Share this blog or tag 'em over on Instagram 

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