A Daddy's Diaper Bag

August 09, 2015 1 min read

We are happy to say that during this week we have sent out the first round of shipments! We are so excited to see that mommies and daddies will soon have their minds at ease (or at least feel more organized) with their Easy Baby purchases. Check out our Facebook page here to see all of the great uses for your Easy Baby. 

This week we shook it up a bit and spoke to a daddy to gain his perspective on products, "must haves" and of course, his diaper bag. 

Keith's Diaper Bag

Keith, a first time daddy to a baby girl, has found his diaper bag to be a breeze. He does admit that his wife takes meticulous care to be sure things are well organized every night. He tells Easy Baby how he and his wife work every morning to organize and stock the diaper bag and try to only take the bare basics to avoid clutter. With this approach Keith says it is easy to find what he is looking for. 

Keith's "Must Have" Item

 So what does new daddy Keith consider a "must have item"? A playful stuffed animal of  Boo the Puppy! 


This cuddly little guy is a plush and fun addition to a baby's toy chest. He promotes social skills for babies by allowing them to practice gentle touches and warm hugs. 





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