Meet our Founder and CEO, Danielle!

July 16, 2015 2 min read

Easy Baby has been working hard. Everyday we have been taking new orders and preparing for our first round of shipments. We are so excited to know that there will be many mommies and daddies who will be receiving their Easy Baby sets! We are also thrilled to announce that we will have a table at the Drool Baby Expo in Greenwich, CT on August 27th! Come check out some cool, new baby gear at the expo. Tickets on sale here

This week we wanted to introduce you to Danielle, the founder and CEO of Easy Baby. 


Danielle's Diaper Bag Story

Danielle, a mommy to a little mister, entered the wonderful world of parenting with bright and wide eyes. She, like other first time moms, read up on the best products to use and utilized sites like Pinterest to see how to efficiently pack a diaper bag to head out for the day. Danielle explained how she always felt like her diaper bag was a clustered mess. She would feel anxious during feedings, trying to locate bottles, burp cloths and formula. Even though they were packed right next to each other, it was never together in the bag. Danielle was done with the crazy bag and decided that this would only work if each type of activity (feeding, diaper changes and clothes) she had to do with her little man was organized into totes that she could just grab the tote and go. 

Danielle's Easy Baby Story

Easy Baby compartmentalized all of her son's needs into the 3 bags. Now when she goes out to a restaurant she only thinks about what she needs rather than carrying an entire diaper bag. "Knowing the baby already ate, I knew the only thing I could possibly need is his "Change Me" bag. I grab that and leave the rest of the diaper bag in the car. Who needs a huge bulky bag while trying to hang with the mommies at lunch?"

Danielle's "Must Have" Item

So what does our CEO not leave the house without? A rattle called a Noggin Stick.



A Noggin Stick is a rattle that lights up three different colors: green, red and blue. The colorful head allows for babies to begin tracking the rattle with their eyes. It is multi-textured to stimulate tactile sensory and has a calm rattling sound. The bottom of the rattle features a mirror so that your baby can check themselves out while they are playing. This rattle sports a thin bar to promote grasping. 





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